Friday, 23 December 2016

Just a poem


words carved into the houses, the buildings that your are surrounded by 


tapping of footsteps on the pavement, places you would like to visit

possibly- “sometime in the future” you say 

underneath it all you find yourself, wrapped up, surround by self doubt 

but what for? not all is dull not all is grey  

sometimes all of this- it drives you insane 

like an aching pain, a tiresome collection of worries inside your brain 

but don’t let it, let your heart free itself, let your feelings speak 

  you are not alone, you are not boring, ugly or weak 

if you take a step a day, you will be fine and find your way

to a place, a feeling, a moment you appreciate 

because it is much better to be late 

than to never have tried at all