Friday, 30 January 2015

Shades of green / Nature studies

To me green is a very important colour. I like to experiment with different shades and mix them together to get better results. Winsor & Newton's Winsor Green is one of my favourite shades. However Van Gogh and Schminke make splendid green shades as well.

I'd like to call these paintings my nature studies. It is a great challenge to paint as realistic as possible. Each time I go for a walk or a little adventure with my love I find the most pleasing and fascinating things. Occasionally I spot little insects, I'd take them home if they'd only sit still to get their portrait painted. 

At the moment I am working on a painting of lichen on a little twig. I might add a feather or an insect to the painting. In a minute I'll be enjoying a warm cup of tea a dear friend sent to me. 
It snowed yesterday and the sight from my window is delightful. 

Collecting, gathering, memories



Curled up in bed
Outside it is misty 
Her lips painted a dark red
The books piled up next to her are getting dusty
(dust on the shelves
(frosty windows)

Long fingers gently wrapped around a freshly picked flower
Her breathing soft and slow
Closing her eyes to sleep for an hour
(ticking of a clock)
/ (the shadow of a spiderweb)

A moment of infinite silence
For a little while the world is timeless
(connecting freckles
(a bird flies past
(silence) at last


Monday, 26 January 2015

Misty Afternoon

I painted a little in my 'inspirational notebook', where I store little paintings I like. Copying beautiful paintings is a good way to practise and improve your skills. Also I already have quite a collection of wonderful paintings in a little notebook. (I found the notebook when I was at a flea market with my love and found it to be exquisite) 

Below a little video of the paintings I've collected till now! 


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Making Things

I've been experimenting with buttons for a while and today I finally put the little clasps behind the cardboard buttons. The finches were supposed to be the Galapagos finches but some got wet while watering my plants and now I only have three left. However I quite enjoy making them so I even put two little mushroom pins in my store. 

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Two Paintings

I made this tiny painting last summer. The lavender is still hanging on my wall, because I didn't take it off yet. It smells nice so it isn't really a problem. The little butterfly looks quite satisfied between all these flowers. Oh, I am so excited for summer! 

Mushrooms are such peculiar, marvellous things. I am always fascinated by their form and their incredible diversity. I painted two little fly agaric (Amanita muscaria) mushrooms. Their bright red colour is impressing when you see them and I tried to capture their beauty in this tiny painting. 

Little paintings I created. Some were painted on frosty mornings, while others were painted on beautiful spring days. I made stickers of the "This Book Belongs To...." painting, they now stick onto the front page in some of my favourite books.

Selected Pages

Selected pages of my nature journal. I collected plants and dried them during my trip through America. About a year has passed since that summer, but these pages hold my memories. 

Notebook 2014